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We advocate at European level towards a more inclusive and digital Europe for the young people.

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We connect with relevant stakeholders across Europe: companies, public institutions, NGOs, media and academia.

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Together with our members we craft powerful messages on key topics to reach young Europeans.

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Recent Work

August 2014

PRISMA project started with the support of the European Commission through Erasmus+ programme

18 April 2015

PRISMA European Network official launch in Cluj Napoca - European Youth Capital 2015

October 2015

First elections for PRISMA European Network Board

Saturday, August 20, 2016

5 Mistakes made by NGOs in Social Media

Social Media is one of the most powerful tools that NGOs can use in order to maintain or improve their relationship with target audience. 

Many NGOs believe that it is easy to post something on social media and people will react and appreciate your post. But the things are not so simple, there are more rules that you have to follow in order to gain the huge benefits of social media. 

Letˋs see which are the most common mistakes that NGOs make in digital area and how can they fix them.

1. Having no social media strategy

Solution: Set goals, create a social media calendar and always evaluate your situation.

2. Creating accounts on too many platforms too soon

Solution: Focus only on the social media platforms that are appropriate for your target audience.

3. Using irrelevent and excessive hashtags

Solution: Limit your hashtags to a considerable number and make sure they are relevant to your post.

4. Fogretting to proofraed

Solution: Be careful about grammar mistakes and spelling. 

5. Neglecting the „social” aspect of social media

Solution: Reply to comments, be active and keep in touch wih your audience.

For more information, click here.

Nicoleta BANU, New Media Ambassador 
[NMA - 8th edition]

NMAs results recommend them

Due to their results [total points according 3 week rankigs] and their overall involvement in the frame of New Media Ambassadors, Bahauddin Bahar, Genesis T. Alegata and Evgenija Trajkoska have accepted our invitation of representing PRISMA European Network at 5th Global Education and Youth Training Course, which will take place in Mollina, Spain, between 18-25 September 2016. 
Dear New Media Ambassadors,
PRISMA European Network and entire NMA team wish you good luck in your submitting. We are looking forward to hear good news from you!

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Culture 4D Conference

Between 29-30 September 2016 our General Manager, Gabriel Brezoiu, will participate as speaker at the conference 4D CULTURE - Digitization, Data, Disruptions, Diversity.

The event is a Council of Europe conference hosted by Tallinn University and Estonian Ministry of Culture within the framework of the Estonian Presidency of the Council of Europe’s Committee of Ministers.

The conference rationale is based on an understanding that the new digital and networked infrastructures should be used to reinforce access to and participation in an open culture, thereby strengthening democracy. It will focus on some of the opportunities and challenges that are emerging in relation to digitization of culture and management of cultural data.

Gabriel, alongside experts from all the different cornerns of Europe [academics, entrepreneurs, policy makers, politicians, activists] will speak about the empowerment of citizens, with emphasis on participatory capabilities of different age groups. >> Panel 4 <<

Join him and be a part of the change!

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

New Media Ambassadors Go Digital

New Media Ambassadors 8th edition [a 3 months Online Practical Training in the field of PR, Social Media, Multimedia & Digital and Project Management] has started its journey on 1 July 2016 with a promising team.

From all around the world, with different backgrounds and experiences, this diverse team will #GoDigital on the International level.

We congratulate and wish them beautiful results and a flourishing experience.

Stay updated! New further results of their work.

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